Tsepo Sehona 

In late 2018,  Oasis Outdoor Media (Pty) entered into strategic sales and marketing partnership with Eclectic Projects Pty Ltd. when they opened shop. We therefore authorised Eclectic to market and sell all Oasis Media Platforms to select agencies and direct clients. This was a winning decision as we gained professional representation in Johannesburg by incubating this new media owner company, whilst they immediately had credibility by being able to sell a great portfolio to clients without the fiscal and time drag to first create their own. We are proud that Eclectic has since also developed exciting and disruptive new media ideas of their own to add to the overall mix.

Since then, Eclectic has proven itself as a worthy empowerment component of Oasis to the extent that Oasis is actively encouraging it to be part of our future succession plans. We are privileged to, and confident in referring our clients to do business through this 100% BEE-owned business and encourage them to do business with us through this entity. Naturally, Oasis and Eclectic (Tsepo Sehona, who comes from an agency background) both have long-standing legacy relationships, so clients are non the less free to work through whomever they choose.                         

Eclectic Africa….. to be continued

As part of our expansion into Africa and planning a presence in the North eastern part of the continent, Oasis has elected to partner with Art E Advertising in Ethiopia.

This small but dynamic Addis Ababa based agency has already done work for some of the best recognized brands in Ethiopia.   It gives us a cultural and local bridge to market, whilst we can bring our expertise and experience to this interesting country. Ethiopian Airlines is Africa’s most profitable airline and a shining example of what can be achieved.  They are reachable through  their GM  Mr Fasika Gashu at fasikagashu@gmail.com  Or +251 98565 3585. http://www.arteadvertising.com. 


Our sister company Airborne Outdoor Advertising is a leading aerial advertising company known for its giant helicopter banner advertising and some memorable beach Activations, including the dropping of branded beach balls onto the beaches from helicopters for total excitement, assisting the lifeguards with branded beach carts for rapid response and more!