Oasis is delighted to advise that it has been selected as the exclusive media owner to market and offer the amazing new digital Inxor in-store media touch points at Till points being rolled out at Total’s Bonjour sites.  The rollout has begun in Gauteng and from 1 November we will have 120 sites completed and available for booking!  With an average of 3 till points per site, your campaign will be on 360 screens right in front of the customer!  By December,  we will have rolled out 1000 screens at 315 sites nationwide!    

Nowhere else are there so many touch points at this cost!  This is the tool to enable your brands to up-sell, cross-sell and re-enforce brand presence at the point of payment.   These attractive screens are unmissable as the customer watches the screen as the cashier processes the purchases and the screens displays the items rung up.  Whilst all that is happening, the ads alongside and the automatic promotional up-sell offers pop up.  The Sales figures and statistics about your  customer’s in-store promotions are tracked and available in a report directly generated by the Till!! 

This new in-store digital touch point will augment what we are doing on the forecourts and now our clients have the ability to re-enforce their campaigns at convenience stores again and have a second bite at the customer, but is also available as a stand alone option, both regionally and nationally.  Loyalty programmes and discount coupons and other incentive programs will allow clients to register on the system and each time a purchase is made, automatically enter them into competitions and prizes as the case may be.  So many possibilities!

Talk to our team or the team at Eclectic Africa to explore this remarkable opportunity and get your clients on board.   Keep a look out for our next foot print coming soon!

Now more than ever this low cost option is a must have.