Oasis was the first to rollout a significant forecourt OOH advertising network with BP, that peaked at just over 100 sites spread across Greater JHB & Pretoria metros, KZN, PE and the Western Cape. 

Using scroller poster technology, we awaited the time that digital technology would come of age and be suited to high resolution, video capable, & animated advertising that truly communicated the clients offering in a compelling and enticing manner.

In those early days, tablets and smart phones were just a dream! Not surprising then that the digital screens we now see routinely at sports events (which replaced scrollers across the world) were not yet available.

We successfully ran these networks until the LED technology had reached a stage where we could replace our roller boards with high resolution LED screens.


In 2018, we accepted an approach from Tractor Outdoor, a Cape Town based Media owner to acquire a controlling stake in our forecourt business unit.

By 2017 we had rolled out 80 digital LED video-capable screens across the BP/ PNP Express network.

The Digital screens certainly had an impact and very shortly thereafter other oil companies began engaging with us to also have this offering at their sites. In addition, we suddenly were the media owner with the largest number of digital screen locations over a wide geographical area across Gauteng, The Western cape, PE and KZN.


In 2019, Oasis and Vivo Energy entered into negotiations to have Oasis roll out a forecourt digital advertising network on their sites in Africa. Vivo has acquired the Shell and Engen downstream business across 23 African countries with over 2000 service stations! We have signed agreements with Vivo to proceed in selected countries starting on a proof of concept basis to allow Oasis and Vivo to test the model and for Oasis to establish itself and make itself known across the continent before we embark on a full rollout. Once completed, Oasis plans to offer our clients the largest and a truly Pan-African media platform with the most widely spread digital forecourt advertising network across the African continent!

This is an exciting unfolding story, so we invite you to keep in touch and monitor our social media platforms as we progress.

Since 2005

Oasis began working with the oil companies in 2005, signing its first contract with BP early that year, following a 2 year pilot exercise. Subsequently, 100+ sites were rolled out.

We also engaged with Total, Engen & Sasol and a couple of pictures in our gallery show how engaged we were with them running various pilot projects.

2009 - 2010

We signed another contract with Sasol in 2008 and rolled out another network of roller boards at selected forecourts in Gauteng, KZN & PE.


Oct 2016

In 2016, we signed a new agreement with BP and commenced a replacement of our roller boards with super high res 5mm pitch LED screens on the forecourts.

Feb 2017
The Game-Changer

Jan 2018
The Tractor Outdoor Merger

This allowed us to begin a new journey to explore the possibilities of replicating our forecourt business elsewhere in Africa and beyond whilst still assisting them with our existing infrastructure and sales team to operate and market the BP forecourt network.

Year 2019
From Here Onwards

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