Billboards in the Western Cape are always in greater demand, as supply is certainly constrained by tighter regulation and enforcement! Therefore, even though this is not our main focus, we have developed and continue to develop sites where we believe clients wish to be seen.

With our partner, Eclectic Africa based in Johannesburg, we’re proud to be in the process of finalising the construction of 3 new iconic “must have” digital sites as soon as possible. Already council approved, we are waiting for the right moment to put them to market. So please send us your briefs as these could well be just the thing you or your clients are looking for!


Oasis first ventured into township media with Mzoli’s, one of the Iconic venues in “Gugs”. The Milk and others are a new generation of Upmarket venues catering for both locals and international visitors wanting to experience the townships.

Eclectic’s new digital screen developed for Johnny Walker in Vilekazi Street, Soweto is a prime example of the opportunities we can offer. Customising OOH for these markets and understanding the subtle cultural nuances are key to your success.

Township media? Talk to us and our partners, Eclectic!

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