Every Month, Oasis will give R1000 to someone you think needs it! 

Oasis is passionate about advertising that is engaging and can lead to a call to action! 

Here is how it works:

You are all invited to take a pic or selfie of any of our advertising sites at the airport, forecourts or billboards, and send it to us through the link provided or by Whatsapp to the number provided! Tell us where and when you took it and who you are.  Then tell us to whom you would wish to Gift R1000 to and why. This information is not visible to the public and will be kept private. If you don’t win this month, keep submitting next month and the one after that!

We will pick a lucky winner every month. We will then contact you and your nominated winner and arrange to hand over the cash! By simply engaging with us, you are helping out another South African in need!.

Cool hey?

It gets better…..    

Agencies listen up!! If you book any one of our Airport or billboard sites from 1 April 2020 on behalf of a client, Oasis will give R 5000 to a cause that your clients like to support in the 1st month of that booking!  This initiative is open every month for the next 6 months. We hope you will keep us busy, so we can keep this going!!   

We will arrange a handover, and the client can use this CSI event in all of the social media platforms!  That is how engaging with our platforms allows SA advertisers to help out other South Africans! 

Let’s do this!

Get in contact with our friendly team and get started.

Email: info@oasismedia.co.za

Phone: 082 791 6117

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